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Shipping and Freight Options

 How Long will my order take to get to me?

The Golden Rule is - "Please wait 14 days if your order is being sent within Australia and 28 days if it is being sent internationally before ' asking ' us where your order is at."

In most case you order will be delivered within 10 days.


Whilst you are ordering your goods today, that is the end of the automated process. Humans then take over.  So your order will take the same time to get to you as if you phoned us to place it. All orders, whether via this shopping cart or on the phone, get packed and sent in the order we receive them. Sometimes that queue is altered as some orders can't be sent due to delays, such as:
1/  We attempt to have a ready supply of every product in the cart,  but sometimes we are caught out. We hold the world's widest and best range of the parts you are here for. If you have a larger order, we will usually send all but the part not in stock (and send that when it is available).
2/  We rely on courier companies and/or Australia Post to get your order to the door. Goods on courier leave every weekday. Goods being posted are sent every Tuesday and Friday and it takes 5 - 6 days to get to some places via post within Australia . Overseas even longer.
3/  We need to gather your order, pack it securely and safely, label it & ensure payment is made. It has to be measured so that freight calculations can be made. The size or weight of your motor parts order can't be predicted in advance as we are dealing in widely varying weight, size and fragile parts, etc. Costs for freight are no longer based on just weight alone. If the package dimensions, using standard freight industry computations calculate out to more than the actual weight, we are charged that. So we have to pack your order first sometimes before we can even get a freight cost.
4/  So for example - You place an order on a Wednesday and you live in Far Nth Qld - It will most likely leave here in the next Tuesday's post run - then you have 5 - 6 days to get to you from here. So from the day of placing your order you will have a minimum of 11 days wait to get your order - IF EVERYTHING GOES ACCORDING TO PLAN. 
     Add all the above together and you can realise it does take time. A lot of the time orders leave our premises on the same or the following day .  In heavy periods it WILL be longer.
For every phone call we get asking where the order is at, your order will be affected as our packing time is being whittled away while we check for names, addresses, packing slips, invoices, consignment notes - the list goes on.
However, we would like you to phone us if you haven't received your order within 14 - 28 days. Expect that time please as the earliest. Experience tells us you will be waiting far less time.
Be assured that we want your order to be in your hands very quickly. We work hard at this.  

Freight Options

"Freight companies don't do PO Boxes"
So if you request a courier, or your goods will be over 1 metre long, then we need a physical address to get them to you.

Option 1  (We add freight cost after weighing). Minimum charge is $12.50-
We ship thousands of motor parts in Australia and export to USA, South Africa and NZ. Due to our volumes, we get good discounts. We pass that onto our customers. With this option, we will pack your order, weigh and measure it. We undertake to keep your costs to a minimum.
We recommend this option as it's quicker.

Option 2
For those light weight orders this is an all up price. If under 3 kilos and can fit in a satchel, we'll ship it via TNT. If too costly for a freight company, we'll send it via Aust Post. Whichever way, we will spend your money in the most cost effective way to you.
Option 3(Contact me if freight is over $33)
Self explanatory.

Option 4.(Goods being picked up etc)
You may want to use your own courier, or arrange to pick the goods up from our showroom. If so, choose this option. At the checkout, you will have the opportunity to leave some instructions.
To get a rough idea of what sort of freight only costs you'll be up for - You can go Here


If using these calculators ' The postcode is 3042 '


    All orders that we send will be covered by insurance. This is charged at a rate of 3.25% or $3.25 per every $100.00 worth of parts for Australia and 5.25% or $5.25 per $100.00 for International . If you do not want insurance please notify us when placing your order in the comments section and we will not apply it to your order. However, if it is damaged or goes missing then you will need to reorder new parts to replace the lost or damaged items. If you have insurance then this is covered and you can be worry free.

No returns will be accepted without prior arrangement. ALL returns MUST be accompanied by a copy of shipping invoice. Refund of return freight will be calculated at SURFACE POSTAL RATES and ONLY IF FOUND TO BE INCORRECTLY SUPPLIED OR FAULTY

ALL returned goods will be subject to a 15% handling fee.

Title of goods does not pass until payment is received for full price shown on invoice total. FoPoCo Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to reclaim possession of  the described goods until payment is received for the full price as shown in Balance Due.

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