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David Frake , Manager of GT Ford Performance, purchased his first XTGT in 1978 which he still has to this day and started producing parts in the early 80’s firstly for his own needs out of necessity, then for others as Ford had decided in its wisdom that there was no need to keep most parts for these cars as they were too old and " Obsolete ", decided to promoted Tennis rather than Racing and delete the V8 from its inventory as the V8 was dead of course....As If. Whilst they kept deleting and abandoning the Muscle Car theory he kept producing and promoting it thus being able to keep Ford's Muscle Car Heritage alive to this day.


Located in Niddrie, Victoria , Australia - close to where the much sought after Falcon GT's were produced and only a short distance from the Melbourne International Airport, GT Ford Performance supply and recondition parts to suit Falcons and Fairlanes from 1967 to 1976.  We stock the best products available and if there are more than one type we usually carry two so you have the option to buy cheap or quality whichever you prefer as most other places don’t give you a choice – it’s their product or none at all whether it be good or not. So remember – just because you see a cheap part advertised elsewhere it may very well be just that – cheap. Check with us before buying any " New " product you might see advertised as if we don’t have it listed there is a good reason for it. We get samples of all new products on the market before advertising them – test them for quality and fitment – modify them if necessary and THEN put them in our catalogue. So beware of parts that you see that have just popped up on other sites as you may very well be disappointed. Wait till you see it here then you can be assured of quality and price. Many sites list parts under ‘ New Products ‘ but if you check with us you will more than likely see that we have had these products for years. That’s because they are way behind us in knowledge and inventory. Nobody has as many specialised products as GT Ford Performance and nobody has the knowledge and support that we do.


Our parts are sent to the far reaches of the planet with customers in South Africa , France, Malta, Germany, Scotland, England, Japan, Barbados, Kuwait, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, The USA and a couple in New Zealand J


Dave enjoy's driving the GT's as often as possible to club runs, Falcon GT Nationals , around Australia on the Phase 3 Odyssey and other events like the Annual Runs to country events to name just a few and reckons everyone should be driving their pride and joy as often as they can as well and that's why we are here, to help you get yours on the road and enjoy it too.

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